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Carr Appellate Fellowship Program


Section: Office of the Attorney General
Work Unit: Office of the Attorney General
Job Location: 1300 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
Release Date: Friday, March 15, 2019 - 11:45am
Apply By: Friday, April 5, 2019 - 5:00pm
Employment Type: Full-Time
FLSA: Exempt
Position Type: Non-Classified

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The Ralph L. Carr Appellate Fellowship Program

Each year, the Colorado Attorney General accepts applications for Ralph L. Carr Appellate Fellowships, to begin in October of each year.

Carr Fellows work directly with Colorado’s Solicitor General in preparing briefs and oral arguments, working on cutting edge, multi-state litigation, and advising the Attorney General and state officials about a wide variety of federal and state constitutional issues.

Carr Fellows also work with the Office’s Criminal Appeals Section, where they will brief approximately twenty-five appeals each year, and conduct several oral arguments. This is a great opportunity for Carr Fellows to work closely with some of the state’s most experienced appellate advocates, and obtain extensive brief-writing experience at the outset of their legal careers.

This year, the Department will be accepting four Carr Fellows: two for one-year terms, and two for two-year terms. Funding for Carr Fellowships has been sought through the 2019-2021 Fellowship term, and we expect to confirm funding by mid-April. We expect that once funding is allocated, the fellowship program would continue into future years.


Applicants must be recent law school graduates, or will have graduated law school by Spring 2019, with excellent writing and communication skills, strong academic records, and a passion for public service. Many applicants will come to the fellowship after completion of a judicial clerkship with a federal or state appellate court, but the Department of Law encourages strong applicants from all backgrounds to apply.

All individuals must commit to take the Colorado bar exam no later than July of 2019 or be a member of the Colorado bar before beginning work. The annual salary is $50,000 plus medical/dental benefits. Note: Bar passage or clearly eligible to waive in to the Colorado Bar is required to join the program in October 2019.

Application Process

Applicants must submit the following required materials and all materials are to be received no later than April 5, 2019.  Selected candidates will be invited for interviews.

Required materials must be submitted electronically to

Required Materials:

  1. Cover letter explaining (a) your commitment to public service; (b) whether you would prefer a one-year term, a two-year term, or have no preference; and (c) contact information for your references.
  2. Resume (including bar memberships or status of application for bar membership and current cumulative GPA).
  3. Law school transcript.
  4. Three letters from references familiar with your work and abilities (may be sent separately).
  5. Writing sample (the shorter and less edited the better).

As part of the interview process, finalists may be asked to prepare an additional writing sample based upon a fact pattern supplied by the Office.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What determines which Fellows receive one-year terms as opposed to two-year terms?

As noted above, applicants should indicate in their cover letter whether they would prefer a one-year term or a two-year term if accepted. That said, the Department of Law reserves the right to extend an offer for either length of time depending on staffing needs.


To whom should I address my application materials?

Application materials may be addressed to the Ralph L. Carr Fellowship Program Committee.


Can I submit my transcript separately from the rest of my application materials?

Yes. Please indicate in your submission email that your transcript will arrive separately.


What format should I use to submit my documents?

PDF files are preferable, but Word documents are acceptable as well.


My school provides transcripts via “secure PDF.” Is this acceptable?

Yes. Provide the fellowship program email address ( to your school when requesting your transcript. Please indicate in your submission email that your transcript will arrive separately.


What is the timeline for hiring Fellows?

Applications are due April 5, 2019. A telephone interview will follow for applicants who advance to the next step of the process. Finalist interviews will likely be in late April or early May.