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Colorado Uniform Consumer Credit Code: 2018 Renewal & Notification Center

Renewal application and notification packets were mailed out at the end of December. Please contact us if you do not receive your packet by mid-January.


Supervised Lenders

*Complete Renewal Applications and Fees Due January 31st*

2018 Memo to Licensed Supervised Lenders

Notification Filers

*Complete Notification Forms and Fees Due January 31st*


Retail Sales

2018 Memo to Retail Sales Companies


Sales Finance

2018 Memo to Sales Finance Companies
Due Diligence - General Advisory


In addition to the $65 notification fee, a $5 volume fee is required for each $100,000, or part thereof, of the unpaid balances of of each consumer credit sale or lease at the time it was taken by assignment in calendar year 2017. Please ensure any part of $100,000 is rounded up to avoid miscalculation of volume fees.

Example: $1,500,370 total volume in 2016. (Round up to nearest $100,000 = $1,600,000)
$1,600,000 / $100,000 = 16 x $5 volume fee = $80 in total volume fees.        



2018 Memo to Rent-to-Own Companies



Licensed Supervised Lenders & Disciplinary History

Laws & Rules

2018 Renewal & Notification Fees

Supervised Lenders

Master Renewal Fee              $500
Branch Renewal Fee$500

*These amounts include a $100 surcharge added to all new and renewed supervised lender’s licenses to be deposited in the Identity Theft and Financial Fraud Cash Fund in the Colorado Department of Public Safety, as required by 24-33.5-1707(2)(b), C.R.S.

Notification Filers

Retail Sales Notification Fee$65
Sales Finance: 
   Notification Fee$65
   Volume Fee (per $100,000)  $5
   Initial Notification Fee  $50
   Renewal Fee  $25

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