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Domestic Violence Victims will Benefit from Resources Being Co-located in Single and Safe Location

DENVER—In honor of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman today announced a $1 million grant was awarded to the Rose Andom Center to finance its capital campaign. Funds from the National Mortgage Settlement are being allocated to complete Colorado’s first-ever center dedicated to addressing the well-being, self-sufficiency, and housing needs of thousands of domestic violence victims. More than 4,000 cases of domestic violence are reported each year in Denver alone. To help victims overcome their abuse, once open, the Rose Andom Center will make the recovery process simpler by facilitating access to housing referrals, medical care, legal services, counseling, children’s services, job referrals and more under one safe roof.

“While Colorado’s housing economy has rebounded, victims of domestic violence still have a fundamental need for housing and support services. The Rose Andom Center will empower victims to become survivors, and that’s why I couldn’t be more proud to deliver a $1 million check to bring the fundraising campaign closer to the finish line and enable construction to begin.”
“Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is committed to making a positive difference in our community and has long been a strong supporter of the Rose Andom Center’s mission to serve families,” said President of the Denver Justice Council Maggie Morrissey. “We are honored to partner with the Attorney General and thank her on behalf of domestic violence survivors and their children for her extraordinary support and the message of hope she brings to those who need it most.”
In January of this year, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey and the Denver Justice Council, as the fiscal agent for the Rose Andom Center, approached the Colorado Attorney General’s Office to request assistance with its fiscal campaign to complete the first family justice center in Colorado. Those discussions led to the decision to make a $1 million grant from Colorado’s National Mortgage Settlement, announced in March 2012. Funds from that settlement were specifically earmarked for foreclosure prevention, loan modification and housing.
“I think that the critical need for temporary and permanent housing solutions for the victims of domestic violence and their children, and the ability of the Rose Andom Center to help facilitate access to those housing needs, makes this a perfect fit for the use of those settlement dollars,” said Coffman.
As a public/private partnership, the Rose Andom Center will improve the lives of domestic violence victims and their children by facilitating better access to services and staff of many of Denver’s community agencies and government organizations in a single, safe location. With the City of Denver’s help, a 48,000 square foot building was secured at 1330 Fox Street to provide “wraparound” services and marshal currently dispersed resources into a coordinated, centralized service delivery system that reduces the number of places victims must go to access services and increases the likelihood of ending the abuse in their lives and their children’s lives.
The Rose Andom Center will operate as an independent 501(c)(3) to manage and coordinate the broad scope of services serving an anticipated 3,000 people per year. It is named in honor of successful Denver entrepreneur and McDonalds franchise owner, Rose Andom, and her lead gift of $1 million. The building is currently undergoing renovation and the Center hopes to open before the end of the year. It is modeled after a San Diego family justice center which the U.S. Department of Justice declared as a national model of best practices.
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