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 DENVER—The Colorado Attorney General’s Office today announced that Brian Keith Williams, 31 years-old, was arrested for sex trafficking a child, pimping young adult women, and for second-degree attempted murder. The state grand jury indicted Williams last week. Solomon Ray Herrera, 35 years-old, was arrested for soliciting the services of the victim child prostitute.

“This indictment by the state, in partnership with local law enforcement, highlights the unseemly practice of sex trafficking children and young adults. Colorado sees its share of tragic exploitation cases,” said Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman. “Fortunately, we have a network of dedicated advocates working to offer sex-trafficking survivors resources and options to escape the cycle of victimization.”
In September 2014, Williams worked with Lyn Deshawne, 52 years-old (also indicted) to teach a 15-year old girl the rules of prostitution and how to behave when servicing “clients.” On two occasions, Solomon Herrera allegedly had sex with the underage girl at the Marriott Hotel in Ft. Collins as well as in his home. Williams is also accused using to advertise his “business.” He would arrange appointments with the johns, reserve hotel rooms, and ultimately pocket the money earned from sex acts.
“These are horrific cases that merit all the effort law enforcement can put into them,” said Greeley Chief of Police Jerry Garner. “Cooperation and collaboration among police agencies and prosecutors is absolutely necessary if we are to be successful. We especially appreciate the efforts of the Attorney General’s Office along with our other law enforcement partners on this one. It won’t, by the way, be our last endeavor to go after these criminals.”
“The conclusion of this investigation should send a clear signal that human trafficking continues to be a significant problem in our communities,” said District Attorney Michael
Rourke. “I want to extend my appreciation to the Greeley, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins Police Departments, the FBI Innocence Lost Task Force, the Attorney General’s Office and attorneys from my office for their efforts in this investigation.”
In early January 2015, Nicholas Fisher was stabbed in the parking lot of the Hilton Hotel in Ft. Collins. Brian Williams is also accused of being Fisher’s attacker after Williams first threatened to kill him. Williams faces a charge of attempted murder in the second degree for that incident. The indictment also names Mary Elizabeth Pope 19 years-old, for possessing 4.3 grams of cocaine while she was with Williams during Fisher’s stabbing.
The Greeley Police Department, the Weld County District Attorney’s Office, the FBI Innocence Lost Task Force, the Fort Collins Police Department, and the Colorado Springs Police Department were all instrumental in the investigation. Attorneys with the Criminal Justice Section of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office will prosecute this case in cooperation with the Weld County District Attorney’s Office in Weld County District Court.
The filing of criminal charges or an indictment is merely a formal accusation that an individual committed a crime. Each defendant should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.