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Mortgage Report

Every report we receive gives us insights into problems that people are experiencing in the marketplace and helps us to identify and prioritize problems for potential action. The result: better outcomes for consumers, businesses, and a better marketplace for Coloradans.

Have an issue with a specific company?  Are you a victim of a scam? Uncertain if fraud occurred but you want to make a report?  Not a victim of fraud but noticed something suspicious? We want to hear from you.

Borrower Information
Loan Information
Lender / Loan Servicer Information
Home Occupancy Status
Loan Modification Information
Complaint Information
Consumer Fraud Awareness

By submitting this complaint electronically, I hereby certify I am the above listed individual and authorize the entity that services my loan and its agents to communicate with and provide information related to my complaint (including non-public personal and financial information) to the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.  I verify I have read the preceding information and it is true to the best of my knowledge.