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Colorado Uniform Consumer Credit Code: Administrative Interpretations and Opinion Letters

Please note: Interpretations and opinions may not be applicable due to changes in the law or renumbering of statutes.

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Administrative Interpretations | Opinion Letters

Administrative Interpretations

08/31/19941.202-9401Pawnbrokers - Title Loans
06/23/19923.104-9201Post-Dated Checks - Payday Lenders
12/08/19892.301 & 2.311-8901Consumer Leases - Disclosures and Truth-In-Lending
03/01/19853.107-8501Required Compensating Balance
02/24/19843.508-8401Revolving Loan - Grace Periods
10/14/19832.201, 3.201 & 3.508-8301Refund of Prepaid Finance Charges - Non-Precomputed Transactions
09/25/19813.104 & 3.109-8101Seller Carry Back Second Mortgages
12/16/19803.105 & 3.201-8010Wrap Around Mortgages
07/18/19803.104-8008Line of Credit - Consumer Loan
05/14/19805.204-8007Finance Charges and Three Day Right to Rescind
01/13/19803.508-8002Maximum APR Applicable - Interest Bearing Loans
01/04/19805.112-8001Right to Cure Notice - Four or Fewer Installments
12/18/19793.402-7903Balloon Payment Provisions - First Lien Loans
12/13/19793.508-7902Mortgage Lender Use of Monthly Amortization
11/13/19783.408-7802Change in Terms - Fluctuating Base Rate
02/22/19785.111-7801Right to Cure Notice - Future Payment Reference

Opinion Letters

Note: To request older opinion letters not listed below, please email us at

01/04/2019Collateral under section 5-2-214 - Alternate Charge Installment Loans
09/22/2017Medical Lien Transactions
08/07/2017Debt Cancellation and Suspension Agreements Offered by Colorado-Chartered Banks, Colorado-Chartered Industrial Banks, and Colorado-Chartered Credit Unions
04/29/2010Pre-Settlement Lender Licensing
10/12/2005Request for Rulemaking on Debt Cancellation & Suspension Agreements
08/02/2004Small Installment Loans
06/15/2004New Laws - Deferred Deposit Loan Act Amendments and Small Installment Loans
12/02/2002Fees for Electronic Debits and Payments
03/13/2002Loans Primarily Secured by an Interest in Land
03/21/2001"Discretionary" Automatic Overdraft Privilege, Revised Letter
06/27/2000Colorado Deferred Deposit Loan Act - Renewals & Minimum Finance Charges
02/14/2000Automobile Purchase/Leaseback
12/15/1999Remedies for Improper Repossessions
07/31/1997Timely Payoff Quotes
12/23/1996Mortgage Broker Fees
10/16/1996Purchase of Credit Insurance Resulting in Favorable Rates
09/10/1996Subsidiaries of Supervised Financial Organizations and UCCC Licensing
08/23/1996"Slow Pay" Credit Card Rate Provision
07/05/1995Tax Service Fees
04/10/1995Loans Primarily Secured by an Interest in Land
11/22/1994Supervised Lender Licenses and Mortgage Loans
02/07/1994Coupon Book Expense - Vender's Single Interest Insurance ("VSI")



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