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DENVER— Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced today that Stanley Fenton Anderson (39 years old) is guilty of scamming 17 individuals out of nearly $1.6 million. He was sentenced by the District Court of Adams County to serve an 11-year prison sentence for securities fraud. Anderson owned Standerson Mortgage and Financial Corp., Standerson Trucking, Dirt Posse Motorsports, as well as other businesses.

Anderson promised high rates of return for individuals who invested in his business claiming their money would be used to offer high-interest loans and to purchase vehicles as working capital for his trucking company. He also told investors their money would go to purchase discounted real estate and that those properties would then be rented or sold for a 35 percent return on investment. He never completed the real estate or vehicle purchases. Instead, Anderson used the money for personal expenses and to pay off investors. He is guilty of never disclosing his true intention for the funds and for failing to disclose that he was using investment funds to cover his business losses and to payoff investors. Most investors received a “Combination Promissory Note, Security Agreement, and Disclosure Statement” that Anderson signed and that promised to pay the investor the principal plus interest.
After being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease), John Barrus and his wife Amee of Cody, Wyoming invested approximately $70,000 with Anderson. The money came from charitable donations given to help the Barrus’ with their mounting medical bills. Likewise, Deana Rozman of Parker, CO and her mother Pearl Ames invested approximately $406,000 to help with Ames’ medical bills. Ames was living in an assisted-care facility for her Alzheimer’s disease. After being swindled by Anderson, the family could no longer afford to keep Ms. Ames in assisted-care so moved her in with them. While all were victims of Anderson’s financial scheme, John Barrus, Amee Barrus and Pearl Ames did not live to see justice be served.
The Office of the Attorney General secured the initial indictment against Anderson in June 2011.
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