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Prevent Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a continuing concern for the State of Colorado and across the United States. The Colorado Department of Law, Office of the Attorney General, is a committed partner in combating sex and labor trafficking and prosecuting its perpetrators.

captive women behind bars

Human trafficking occurs when a person is recruited, harbored, obtained or exported through force, fraud or coercion for the purposes of sexual or labor exploitation and involuntary servitude. While anyone can become a victim of trafficking, certain populations are especially vulnerable. These may include undocumented immigrants, runaway and homeless youth, victims of trauma and abuse, refugees and individuals fleeing conflict, as well as oppressed, marginalized and impoverished groups and individuals.

In 2014, the Colorado State Legislature passed House Bill 14-1273, consisting of a comprehensive set of policies to strengthen Colorado’s laws regarding human trafficking and creating the Colorado Human Trafficking Council. The purpose of the Council is to study the relevant issues and prepare recommendations concerning any statutory changes deemed necessary to facilitate the prosecution and punishment of persons who engage in, and to protect the victims of, human trafficking.

The Special Prosecutions Unit within the Criminal Justice Section of the department provides assistance to the local district attorney on complex crimes and on multi-jurisdictional investigations, including prosecution of human traffickers.

Staff of the Colorado Department of Law has participated in and provided leadership for the Colorado Human Trafficking Council and the department will continue to be an active partner in efforts to prevent sex and labor trafficking and to investigate and prosecute cases within the authority of the department.

Report Trafficking

Colorado Help
To report a trafficking tip in Colorado, contact the Colorado Network to End Human Trafficking: 1-866-455-5075

National Help
To report a trafficking tip nationally, contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1-888-373-7888