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Protect Consumers

The Office of Community Engagement is coordinating various consumer protection outreach and education efforts of the Colorado Department of Law related to fraud against older Coloradans, identity theft, imposter scams, charity frauds, and fraud against military servicemembers and veterans.

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The Consumer Protection Section of the Colorado Attorney General's Office developed  to support our mission of protecting consumers and businesses from the unscrupulous behavior of fraudsters operating throughout our state. Learn more.

Financial Literacy

The Office of Community Engagement is exploring opportunities to support financial literacy programs in Colorado. Of particular interest is financial literacy education for youth, as well as for youth and adults living in rural and frontier parts of the state. Contact if you have an interest in discussing a possible partnership to advance financial literacy education in Colorado.


AARP ElderWatch is a joint project of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office and the AARP Foundation.

AARP ElderWatch is a statewide network connecting law enforcement agencies, adult protective services and other interested groups. Information about scams, and training and educational materials are disseminated throughout Colorado.

AARP ElderWatch also collects data on incidents of financial exploitation, providing information on the scope of this problem. This data allows training and educational materials to be targeted to specific scams or to specific seniors. This data also allows law enforcement resources to be focused on the most egregious problems.

AARP ElderWatch is designed to operate as a clearinghouse for complaints, educational information, and training materials dealing with the financial exploitation of elderly Coloradans. If you are a senior (or are helping a senior) and you believe that you may have been a victim of a fraud or a scam, you should contact AARP ElderWatch at:

AARP ElderWatch
Phone: 1-800-222-4444
Phone (Metro Denver): 303-222-4444


Senior Fraud Center
Identity Theft Fraud Center
Charity Fraud Center
Military Fraud Center
Young Adult Fraud Center

Report Fraud

If you believe you’ve been defrauded, had your identity stolen, or you’ve been the target of a scam, please file a report.

Sign Up For Fraud Alerts

Register here for the Consumer Fraud Bulletin to receive fraud alerts and tips to keep you safe.

We need your help to prevent fraud and to report fraud.



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