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AG Coffman Attends Bill Signing For Three Important Criminal Justice Bills

The bills were proposed as part of the Attorney General’s 2017 Legislative Agenda

DENVER— Today Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman joined bill sponsors at a formal ceremony where Governor Hickenlooper signed three important criminal justice bills into law. These bills were proposed as part of the Attorney General’s 2017 legislative agenda.

“During the interim, our team sat down with citizens and stakeholders to establish our legislative priorities for the year, and identify how our statutes can be improved to protect Coloradans,” said Attorney General Coffman. “The bills being signed today are the result of that work, and I greatly appreciate the bi-partisan sponsorship and collaboration in both the Colorado Senate and the House of Representatives that ensured passage of these important legislative initiatives.”

About the Bills:

HB17-1040 authorizes law enforcement to utilize criminal wire taps as an additional tool for investigating the crime of human trafficking in Colorado. This bill will enhance law enforcement’s ability to rescue victims of human trafficking and prosecute perpetrators of slavery. The bill sponsors for HB 17-1040 were Representative Paul Lundeen, Representative Mike Foote, Senator Kevin Priola and Senator Cheri Jahn.

HB17-1071 creates an administrative process so people who are convicted of crimes that are over-turned on appeal may get a refund of any court costs, fees and restitution they paid pursuant to conviction. This legislation relates to the issues raised in Nelson v. Colorado.

The bill sponsors for HB 17-1071 include Representative Cole Wist, Representative Pete Lee, Senator Bob Gardner and Senator Daniel Kagan. Both HB17-1071 and HB17-1040 were supported by the Colorado Sheriffs Association.

HB17-1048 was also signed this afternoon and strengthens the laws that ensure accountability for those who commit insurance fraud by purposefully deceiving insurance companies or selling fake insurance policies to unsuspecting consumers. The bill also authorizes the Colorado Attorney General’s Office to bring criminal charges for insurance fraud against an employer who presents false insurance certificates and pretends to have worker’s compensation insurance when they do not. HB17-1048 was sponsored by Representative Mike Foote and Senator Jim Smallwood.

Other bills on the Attorney General’s legislative agenda for 2017 include: 

SB17-126 creates a statewide domestic violence fatality review board which will help shape policy at the state and local level focused on preventing domestic violence.  The bill sponsors are Senator Bob Gardner, Senator Lucia Guzman, Representative Yeulin Willett and Representative Millie Hamner.

HB17-1150 protects victims of domestic violence and stalking from further victimization and abuse by ensuring that those who are convicted of habitual domestic violence and stalking are behind bars between the time they are convicted and sentenced. The bill sponsors are Representative Clarice Navarro and Senator Owen Hill.

The Attorney General is also working on a bill that would require threat assessments that are on file for a student in K-12 public schools in Colorado transfer with the student’s records when the student switches schools. This bill would provide for the sharing of critical information in order to protect the school against the threat of violence and support students in crisis through intervention. The bill has not yet been introduced.

Photos from the three bill signings today are attached. They are titled with the name of the appropriate bill.


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Annie Skinner
Colorado Attorney General’s Office