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DENVER—The Colorado Supreme Court today ruled in favor of the state in Lobato v. State of Colorado. The Attorney General’s Office has steadfastly defended the state’s thorough and uniform system of public education for almost seven years successfully arguing that Colorado’s system of public school financing does not violate the state’s constitution.
Attorney General John Suthers issued the following statement in response:
"The Attorney General's Office is pleased that, after a long and circuitous route through the courts, the Colorado Supreme Court has finally recognized that the state’s education funding system satisfies constitutional standards. The court’s ruling confirms that the Lobato case has been a distraction from the task at hand – improving our education system through meaningful, effective and efficient change.
To be sure our education system is not perfect. The proper bodies to fix this complex policy issue, however, are the general assembly, governor, state and local school boards, teachers, parents, students and the people of Colorado, not lawyers and judges. This case definitively resolves where the responsibility lies and is a victory for Coloradoans everywhere. I am pleased that the debate on the adequacy of school funding will now return to the political branches and the people where it belongs."
The Attorney General would like to publicly express sincere appreciation for the work by the extremely talented trial and appellate team who worked on this case: Jon Fero, John Lee, Fred Yarger, Nic Heinke, Tony Dyl, Erica Weston, John Sleeman, Carey Markel and Solicitor General Daniel Domenico.
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