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DENVER—The Consumer Protection Section of the Attorney General Office announced today that it has filed a civil lawsuit and obtained a Temporary Restraining Order against the air-duct cleaning company, The Finest Duct Cleaning, Inc. and owners Vachagan “George” Gasparyan (D.O.B. 09/13/80) and Kristine Petrosyan (D.O.B. 01/20/82). They are being accused of falsely advertising its prices as well as qualifications.
The company claimed to offer “whole house air duct cleaning” for $34.99. When technicians arrive to begin service, however, the price jumped substantially. After receiving numerous complaints, an investigation revealed that the true price averaged more than $300.00 per job.
“Owners of The Finest Duct Cleaning, Inc. misrepresented their qualifications by claiming that their technicians were ‘HVAC certified’ when they were not and misled consumers regarding the quality of their equipment and tools, said Deputy Attorney General Jan Zavislan. “We heard from consumers about shoddy, unprofessional work that sometimes left people’s homes in the same or worse condition than if service had not been performed. After interviewing former employees, we also learned that the company tampered with tests to swindle consumers into purchasing ‘mold remediation’ services that cost upwards of $1,000.”
The Temporary Restraining Order prohibits the defendants from making misleading advertisements about their prices and the quality of their services and requires Gasparyan and Petrosyan to meet certain basic standards of competence as set forth by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Also included in the lawsuit were former companies operated by Gasparyan and Petrosyan, America’s Finest Duct Cleaning, Inc. and American Duct Cleaning, Inc.
The Attorney General has ongoing investigations into other air duct companies that have generated similar consumer complaints about false price advertising and incomplete, unprofessional work. Consumers should be on the lookout for duct cleaning companies whose advertised prices seem too good to be true and should research any air duct company before scheduling a cleaning. Beyond the pricing issues, incomplete and unprofessional work on air duct systems could damage the integrity of consumers’ HVAC system, and consumers concerned about company’s who have done improper work should consider contacting a qualified HVAC professional.
Consumers should check with the Better Business Bureau to find reputable companies and file complaints if they feel they’ve been victimized by calling 800-222-4444 or clicking:
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