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Safe2Tell Colorado

The Safe2Tell Colorado model ensures that every student, parent, teacher and community member has access to a safe and anonymous way to report any concerns about their safety or the safety of others.  Safe2Tell Colorado provides youth and adults, in Colorado communities and schools, with an increased ability to both prevent and report violence and other concerning behaviors by submitting a tip that is distributed to local responders and officials for investigation and follow-up. The Safe2Tell Colorado model creates a method for early intervention in the lives of youth who are struggling, helping them when they need it, before situations turn into tragedies. The Safe2Tell solution was developed specifically to encourage and empower bystanders when they have a concern about their safety or the safety of others to report it. Safe2Tell Colorado guarantees anonymity by state law (C.R.S. Section 24-31-601 et seq.)

Students, parents, school staff, and concerned community members may make an anonymous report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by downloading the Safe2Tell Colorado mobile app (Apple Store or Google Play), completing a web report online at the website, or by calling 1-877-542-7233 (SAFE).  All phone, website and mobile app reports are answered by trained analysts at the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) and sent to a team of school officials and law enforcement for investigation and intervention.  School officials and law enforcement who receive a Safe2Tell Colorado tip report are required to inform the program of the results and outcomes of the tip, ensuring accountability and follow-up on each and every tip received.

Safe2Tell Colorado receives thousands of reports each year on issues facing youth including suicide, bullying, drugs and alcohol use/abuse, planned school attacks, mental health concerns, sexting, fighting, weapons, dating and domestic violence, child abuse, and more.

In order to break the code of silence, the Safe2Tell Colorado solution works to improve the culture and climate of schools through education and awareness initiatives. A vital component of the Safe2Tell model is conducting intentional conversations to empower youth to speak up, without fear of retaliation, embarrassment or labeling. Safe2Tell Colorado provides the promise of hope and help, with caring adults ready to intervene and advocate for their support. Safe2Tell Colorado focuses on changing culture and climates of schools and communities, while also shifting attitudes toward what to watch for, what not to ignore and what to report. Find more information about Safe2Tell Colorado, as well as additional resources, at

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Stats and Data

Data report representing the success of the Safe2Tell Colorado prevention initiative may found on the website.  

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