2015 Formal AG Opinions

  • No. 15-01 Whether the Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) may Release to the Colorado Office of the State Auditor Complaints the IEC has Deemed Frivolous without Violating the Confidentiality Requirement of Article XXIX, section 5(3)(b)
  • No-15-02 Whether the Department’s Medical Marijuana Registry verify a patient’s recommended amount of marijuana plants and ounces to law enforcement, including the
    Department of Revenue (“DOR”)
  • No-15-03  Whether the Colorado State Board of Education (SBOE) has authority to direct the Commissioner of Education to waive local school boards’ and districts’ statutory obligation to administer the performance-based component of the state’s English Language Arts and Mathematics assessment, if requested by the district
  • No-15-04  Whether the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (“HKCS” or “Survey”), when administered in accordance with specifically defined “passive consent” or “opt-out” procedures, complies with federal and state statutes regarding student privacy
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