Vision & Values

At the Colorado Department of Law, we are committed to serving as the “People’s Lawyer.” Our vision for this role is:


“Together, we serve the people of Colorado, advancing the rule of law, protecting our democracy, and promoting justice for all.”


To guide how we implement this vision, we developed four core values—we are principled public servants who are innovative and better together.

Our first core value is that we are principled. This value means that, as we work on a range of issues on behalf of the people of Colorado, we will act according to the highest ethical standards, rigorous legal analysis, and a careful evaluation of the facts.

Our second core value is to act as public servants. That means that our work is not about us; it is about the people of Colorado. It also means that whatever matters we are working on—improving our criminal justice system and protecting public safety; addressing the opioid epidemic; protecting consumers; or protecting our land, air, and water—we are doing it to serve the people of Colorado.

Our third core value is to be innovative. At the Department of Law, we have a commitment to always ask “what is the best way we can accomplish our goals?” In some cases, the traditional approach will indeed be best. In all events, we will make decisions deliberately and with an eye to whether there are opportunities to improve or experiment with new approaches.

Finally, we are better together. At the Department of Law, we are committed to supporting one another across the office, working collaboratively with our clients, and engaging people and resources across the state to accomplish our goals. Our best work will be done in partnership with others.

We in Colorado have a special opportunity to demonstrate how government can work efficiently, effectively, and fairly. By doing so, we advance our constitutional commitment to work towards a more perfect union.

—Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser

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