Budget & Accounting

Attorney General Salary

Colorado Revised Statutes §24-9-101(5), requires that the Colorado Department of Law post the annual salary of the Attorney General for public view.  The salary is equal to 60% of the total annual salary paid to the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals on the first day of the Attorney General’s term.

The Attorney General’s current annual salary is $107,676.

Budget Requests

The Long Bill is Colorado’s annual general appropriation act, authorizing the spending of public money.  It is sponsored by the Joint Budget Committee (JBC), and includes operating and capital appropriations for the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.  Budget requests in Colorado are submitted to the JBC by November 1st each year.

Performance Management

Colorado Revised Statutes §2-7-200.1, et al, creates the State Measurement for Accountable, Response, and Transparent Government (SMART) Act. This act generally establishes performance planning expectations and deliverables for each state agency, focusing on improving service delivery and identifying efficiencies.

Regulatory Agenda

Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes §2-7-203(4), the Department of Law must file, annually on November 1, a Departmental Regulatory Agenda (DRA) containing:

  • A list of new rules or amendments that the department or its divisions expect to propose in the next calendar year;
  • The statutory or other basis for adoption of the proposed rules;
  • The purpose of the proposed rules;
  • The contemplated schedule for adoption of the rules;
  • An identification and listing of persons or parties that may be affected positively or negatively by the rules; and
  • A list and brief summary of all permanent and temporary rules adopted since the previous DRA was filed.

The Regulatory Agenda also includes, pursuant to Colo. Rev. Stat. §24-4-103.3, rules to be reviewed as part of the Department’s “Regulatory Efficiencies Reviews” during 2019 (which are denoted as such in the “purpose” column). The DRA is to be filed with Legislative Council staff for distribution to committee(s) of reference, posted on the department’s web site, and submitted to the Secretary of State for publication in the Colorado Register. Each department must also present its DRA as part of its “SMART Act” hearing and presentation pursuant to Colo. Rev. Stat. §2-7-203(2)(a)(II).

The Budgeting and Accounting Unit handles accounting, financial reporting, payroll, and budgeting for the Department of Law.

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