Experiences of Former Fellows

Lauren Davison photo

Lauren Davison

I cannot recommend the Attorney General Fellowship Program highly enough. Everyone I worked with during my fellowship was truly invested in my professional development, ensuring I had meaningful work assignments, and helping me achieve my career goals. Through my fellowship, I was able to pursue my interests and gain invaluable legal experience, including taking multiple depositions, working on high-profile cases, and advising the Attorney General himself on critical legal issues. I strongly encourage anyone interested in public service to apply to the Fellowship Program.





Adria Robinson photo

Adria Robinson

I am so grateful to the Attorney General Fellowship Program. It was the ideal environment for me to hone my investigatory skills and presentation skills. I was trusted with leading witness depositions, developing arguments, and assisting in selecting key evidence for trials. In a matter of months, I received hands-on training and experience that I may have not been afforded in a traditional law firm for at least a year. The Office of the Attorney General is also an incredibly collaborative office. The teamwork was genuine; and I always felt comfortable to ask questions and propose ideas. I made meaningful connections that continue to this day. The Fellowship is a stellar opportunity to launch a career in public service.



Benjamin Saver photo

Benjamin Saver

I participated in the Attorney General Fellowship Program from 2015-2016 splitting my time between the Consumer Protection and Natural Resources Sections. The experiences I gained as a Legal Fellow giving advice to clients, taking depositions, drafting motions, and participating in trial proceedings were instrumental in teaching me the skills necessary to be a successful practicing attorney. I particularly enjoyed the freedom given to Legal Fellows to work with multiple units within a section, which allowed me to learn a broader range of substantive law and gave me the opportunity to work with and learn from the numerous experienced attorneys in the office. I highly recommend the Fellowship Program to anyone interested in public service and who wishes to gain hands-on experience in a collaborative work environment.




David Coats photo

David Coats

I highly recommend the Attorney General’s Office Fellowship program. From my first day to my last I was in the company of experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate attorneys who took an interest in me and my career and wanted to give me all the responsibility and experience I could handle. I got to serve in the Consumer Protection section and the Criminal Justice section. Over the course of the year, I was able to do two felony trials and one bench trial. In all three cases the supervising attorneys gave me substantial responsibility. Other attorneys gave me the opportunity to write legal briefs, do depositions, and contribute to ongoing investigations. My experience there set me up to go on to a clerkship at the Colorado Court of Appeals and then eventually to the Denver District Attorney’s office where I frequently draw on the experience I gained in that first year. I am extremely grateful for my time as a fellow at the Attorney General’s Office and highly recommend it.




Lindsey Knapton photo

Lindsey Knapton

There is no better and more supportive place to begin your legal career than with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office. As a Fellow, I benefited from the opportunity to represent and advise over 20 state agencies and boards across the state. Getting to know the Department of Law’s many clients and the challenges they face when innovating in the 21st century became crucial to my eventual role leading the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Impact Team and advising the Attorney General on cybersecurity and privacy matters. Whether you know the trajectory you want your career to take or you are interested in exploring public service, the Colorado Attorney General’s Fellowship Program offers meaningful opportunities to develop litigation and writing skills while working alongside skilled and dedicated attorneys.




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