Internship Application Page


We Embrace Flexibility

We aim to produce outstanding work product for our clients, be efficient with our time, and support each other as team members – which also means we embrace flexible working arrangements and remote internships when and where possible.

We Are Committed to Diversity

At the DOL, we know that we are better together when our differences are celebrated and everyone is inspired and empowered to contribute. As such, we strive to provide a safe environment where individuals feel valued and respected for who they are; that demonstrates a behavior and mindset of welcoming differences; where individuals are treated equally and empowered to do their best work; and that promotes growth and innovation through a diverse workforce that contributes to creative problem solving and delivers excellent work.

We Have Strong Core Values

Our core values drive our actions. At the DOL, we are: (1) principled, maintaining the highest ethical standards, rigorous legal analysis, and careful evaluation of facts; (2) public servants, who are always ensuring our work is not about us, but instead is about the people of Colorado; (3) innovative, by seeking to identify the best approach, make deliberate decisions, and look to improve; and (4) “better together,” by working to support each other and collaborate.

We are Committed to our Interns’ Growth and Development

The DOL is deeply invested in working with our interns to provide meaningful opportunities for personal and professional growth through training, hands-on-experience, mentoring, and networking. Further, our professional development is collaborative, continuous, and aimed at creating an inclusive and enriching environment for our interns to learn and succeed.

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