2012 Annual Report


To my fellow Coloradans,

It is a great privilege to serve as your Attorney General. Since becoming Colorado’s 37th AttorneyGeneral, I have had the honor of working with hundreds of dedicated public servants at the Colorado Department of Law.

The 2012 Annual Report of the Colorado Department of Law is only a snapshot of the work we do on behalf of the people of Colorado and our clients throughout state government. From protecting Colorado’s water, to defending the state against frivolous lawsuits, the work of the Department of Law’s affects Coloradans throughout the state.

Here are a just few of the Department of Law’s accomplishments from 2012:

  • We announced that 100 % of the $51.17 million in mortgage foreclosure prevention efforts were distributed and that approximately 3,700 Colorado homeowners have benefitted.
  • The Colorado Natural Resource Damages Trustees awarded $10,150,000 in funding for 11 conservation projects in the vicinity of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife
    Refuge. The projects encompass more than 800 acres comprising the Rocky Mountain Greenway Project and are expected to leverage another $31 million in additional funding to build a regional, integrated greenway and open space network.
  • Our work with our Mexican peers to seek justice and improve public safety was deepened as we welcomed Mexico Ambassador Arutro Sarukhán to Colorado.
  • My office announced several settlements with pharmaceutical companies for improperly marketing drugs. Chief among them was a $4.5 million settlement with GlaxoSmithKline and was the largest health care fraud settlement in history.
  • We arrested twelve individuals, including the “Johns” and self-reported members of the Crips gang and accused them of running a domestic, human-trafficking operation involving juvenile girls.
  • We reached an antitrust settlement with three U.S. publishing companies, Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster over allegations they were price-fixing E-Book.
  • We indicted a medical marijuana dispensary and its owners for selling out its back door and distributing medical marijuana to other states in a distribution ring that violates the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act.
  • We will continue to provide ethical representation and legal advice of the highest caliber to our client agencies and service of the highest quality to the people of Colorado.



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