Report Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Pursuant to SB16-56, the Attorney General is a designated review agency for information/documentation that is believed to be confidential and that is evidence of waste, fraud and abuse. Pursuant to the new law, state employees may submit information that they believe to be confidential or not subject to disclosure under the Colorado Open Records Act (“CORA”) to the Attorney General’s office for a determination of whether the information can be made public without violating the law. If a state employee submits information believed to be confidential to the Attorney General, it should not be shared publicly, including with members of the Colorado General Assembly, until a determination regarding its confidentiality has been made. The Attorney General is statutorily required to make such a determination in writing within 30 days of receipt of the information.

NOTE: If the alleged waste, fraud and abuse involves an employee of the Department of Law, the information should not be submitted to the Attorney General, but should instead be submitted to either the Office of Legislative Legal Services or the Office of State Court Administrator, both of which are designated review agencies.

To submit information and/or documentation for review, please e-mail or send it to the following:

ATTENTION: Chief Deputy Attorney General

Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center
1300 Broadway, 10th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80203

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