Overview of the Colorado Substance Abuse Trend and Response Task Force

The Substance Abuse Trend and response Task Force utilizes a comprehensive, collaborative approach to identify strategies to:

  • assist local communities with implementation of the most effective practices for substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment and in developing responses by the criminal justice system.
  • review model programs that have shown the best results in Colorado and across the U.S. and provide information on the programs to local communities and local drug task forces.
  • investigate collaborative models on protecting children and other victims of substance abuse and drug production and distribution.
  • measure and evaluate the progress of state and local jurisdictions in preventing substance abuse and illegal drug production and distribution, and in prosecuting persons engaging in these acts.
  • evaluate and promote approaches to increase public awareness of current and emerging substance abuse problems and strategies for addressing those problems.

The Task Force monitors emerging drug abuse issues in order to respond proactively and mitigate escalation of potential negative impacts on the people and communities of Colorado.

A network of partners is essential to fulfilling the charge of the Task Force. In addition to membership representation from a broad range of agencies and organizations that address substance abuse or those impacted by it, there are ongoing partnerships with:

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