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Colorado Uniform Consumer Credit Code: General Information


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The Council of Advisors on Consumer Credit is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

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Colorado Attorney General's Office Announces Significant Relief for Victims of Illegal Auto Title Loan Scheme

The Colorado Attorney General's Office has secured a significant judgment against a group running an illegal auto title loan scheme in Colorado. The group used a variety of names with consumers, including Sovereign Lending Solutions, LLC; Car Loan, LLC; and Autoloans, LLC.  

The Attorney General's Office demonstrated that the individuals behind these fictitious names made, serviced, and collected personal loans - some of which had annual percentage rates exceeding 300% - to over 400 consumers. Consumers were required to turn over title to their vehicle as collateral for the loans, which often resulted in vehicles being repossessed that had values far greater than the loans themselves. Such auto title loans are illegal in Colorado.

The judgment requires Defendants to release 402 liens worth $815,754.70 they filed against Colorado consumers' vehicles as well as return title to every affected Colorado consumer.

Click here to read the full press release issued by Colorado Attorney General's Office.


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